Reduce fatigue and experience a greater level of comfort with a dynamic bike fit.

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The Perfect Bike Fit

New riders, seasoned cyclists, and competitive bike racers all benefit from advanced bike fit. Work with our fit team to ensure you are in ‘your’ best position. Through a series of test efforts and adjustments, we’ll craft a position that is both comfortable and efficient. Bike Fit is no longer a guessing game. Dynamic bike fit with digital data collection allows a fitter to see a rider’s movements in the X, Y, and Z planes. Through a series of adjustments at a relaxed pace and at tempo, a rider’s position is optimized to eliminate discomfort and improve pedaling efficiency. The process of properly fitting the bike to the rider makes it easier to pedal farther, ride faster and do so with a greater level of comfort.

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Proper Saddle Height

The majority of our bike-fit clients are sitting way too low. Proper saddle height is Step 1 for improved efficiency.

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Invest in Yourself

Before you invest in that new gadget or go-fast piece of equipment, invest in yourself. Bike Fit.

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Eliminate Pain

Cycling doesn’t have to be a pain in the _ _ _ , hands or feet. Let’s work it out!

Bike Fit Offerings

RETÜL Bike Sizing

Up to 3 hours of Fit time in the Lab and a complimentary 30-day Post Fit Follow-Up.

Discuss the goals for the fit session. Determine what, if any, physical limitations may exist. Identify any 'trouble' areas that result in pain, numbness, or excessive movement. Conduct a Pre-Fit Positional Assessment. Make corrective positional adjustments. Test and Evaluate to satisfaction.

Road/MTB/Gravel: $225
Triathlon/Time Trial: $275

Saddle Position: The Foundation for Proper Pedaling.

  1. Shape Analysis: Identify the shape and width that best supports the rider.
  2. Establish a proper Saddle Height
  3. Adjust for a functional Fore/Aft Position
  4. Ensure that the Saddle Tilt is both comfortable and supportive.

Position of the Handlebar and Grip Interface: Comfortably in Control.

  1. Torso Angle: Identify the proper angle for the rider's discipline and goal.
  2. Does the handlebar shape and width align with the rider's needs?
  3. Does the stem length, height, and angle help achieve the proper reach?
  4. Are the shift/brake controls in a natural, ergonomically correct position?

Pedaling Dynamics: Smoother. Faster. Stronger.

  1. Knee Movement - Does the position align the rider properly and allow for a natural range of motion?
  2. Hip Stability - Does the position of the saddle support 'stable hips' under heavy load and at high rpm?
  3. Ankling - Does the established position assist the rider in stabilizing their foot to create power throughout the revolution of the crank?

For Triathlon or Time Trial Positions:

Aerobar Position: Stable, Steady, Relaxed, and Aero Efficient.

  1. Does the base bar support a modified aero position to give the rider best handling out of the aero position?
  2. Are the aerobar pads in a place that supports the rider comfortably at the proper height and reach?
  3. Are the extensions and shifters comfortably in the rider's grip for comfort and control?

RETÜL Dual Sided Fit & Physical Assessment

Includes all aspects of the 'RETÜL Bike Sizing' for the rider's right and left sides plus up to 4 hours of Fit time in the Lab and a complimentary 30-day Post Fit Follow-Up.

Road/MTB/Gravel: $400
Triathlon/Time Trial: $475

Designed specifically for treating asymmetries, chronic cycling pain/discomfort, or other physical conditions that require a deeper understanding of the rider's physical limitations to define one's fit parameters properly.

Includes a complete 'off-bike' prefit assessment analyzing body structure, muscle stability, flexibility, range of motion, and potentially unidentified asymmetries.

Primary Objective: Through a series of bi-lateral pose captures (driver side & non-drive side), a highly customized and balanced position will be identified and implemented for the purpose of minimizing stress, strain, and discomfort or mitigating the challenges of an identified asymmetry.

Fast Track Your Bike Fit!

It's essential that we obtain information before beginning a bike fit.

Riders who complete the bike fit assessment in advance receive prioritized service!

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